Creative Cloud plans

I was just on Adobe’s website changing some details in my personal Creative Cloud account when I ran across this bit of weirdness.

I’m currently paying their standard monthly fee (circled), but they have another plan — seemingly identical — for $30 cheaper (also circled). Adobe is as unresponsive as Quark used to be on customer support, and their forum provides no clues that I could find.

Anybody here able to explain this? Anyone else seeing the same thing with their accounts? There must be something I’m missing.

Where are you finding that page?
When I go to Compare plans on a laptop, it gives me 3 choices
Monthly (on demand) for $79.49 per month
Annual Plan, paid monthly for $52.99 per month
Annual Plan, Pre-paid for $599.88 (49.99 per month if you do the math)

The $27 dollar plan used to be for a first time sign up for the first year, regular price after that. I didn’t know they still offered it.

Don’t forget to add your tax.

Never mind, I found it. I see the same thing and no idea what’s up with that.
Not gonna click it to find out.
You must pay more in taxes than I do. My monthly payout is $53.11 and that low plan is $26.55

Even weirder, if you click the Pre-paid option, I bet the math equals your current monthly payment.
Apparently the page works as good as their software.

I clicked it, and it just took me to the following page with no additional explanation. I didn’t click the switch button, though. There must be something else going on.

I might need to endure the ordeal of trying to contact them to find out.

They had a contact button at the bottom of the compare plans page.
I didn’t feel a need to know the weather in Bangalore just now. (I actually like chatting with the folks on the help line. It can be fun if you make it so.)

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