Creative Equals Feminises Famous Brand Logos to Promote Equality

On Women’s Day the organisation Creative Equals turned well known logo marks to their female versions.


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Here is what McD and MTV did on their social media pages:

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The animations are cute.
I guess Giantess didn’t fit on the box?
I’m surprised Johnny Walker hasn’t already done something like that. That one works well.

I remember McD’s doing that a few years back and immediately thinking “Boobies? How inappropriate.”
Then someone told me it was a W… Yeah…


Johnny Walker should have gone with Jenny Walker.
Oh and I always thought Schartzkopf was already a woman’s head.

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Some of these are very clever. I think DreamWorks and Johnny Walker could easily alternate between these variations without compromising their established brand identities at all. For that matter, it might enhance them.

I’m much less sure of the BAFTA and Green Giant variations — both still look awful man-like to me. And the Schwarzkopf silhouette, like StudioMonkey mentioned, has always seemed sort of intentionally androgynous anyway.

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Some of these are fantastic! I loveeeeeee the Jane Walker edition:)

Dreamworks is pretty great too.

Green Giant isn’t working at all for me… looks like He just put on some lipstick and eye shadow lol :smiley:

The rest are ok too … but Oscar is too subtle for me. I really had to look and blow up the pic. All I see is wider hips unless I’m missing something else.

This was a fun read :slight_smile:

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