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I’m just looking for some professional feedback.
This was my final creative project on how COVID-19 affected the industry.
We had many options to choose from. However, I chose to do a poster. (I know it’s not perfect) I did receive 100 on it. I drew this piece on Clip Studio. Just recently found this software and I love it.
What do I need to work on to make this better?
Thank you!

Before I comment on the design itself, I would like to get more background information. If this is a poster, what is it for? I mean, your message is clear, but what is the audience and purpose - in other words, what’s the Call To Action (CTA) of your poster? Graphic design is first and foremost about communication, not about making a beautiful artwork.

It was an assignment on how COVID has affected the industry.

Probably the most important thing a designer can do when researching/developing a design is to ask themselves about Intention.

The intention here is to show how covid has affected us. However, the fundamentals executed are less than successful. I don’t know how much you know about graphic design and I can only presume it’s an entry-level class and you’re diving into Design for the first time.

Save this piece put it in a drawer and pull it back out in a year or two. We’ve all came back to old work with fresh eyes and usually say, “i should have done this”

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I agree with the others.

A poster for the sake of making a poster is more like a fine art project. That’s totally fine if that was the intention, but that’s typically not the case with graphic design.

Your message is clear about people wanting jobs, but who is the target audience. What is the call to action? Who are you trying to convince? Who might have been the client needing a poster like this and what would have been their motivations and what would they have been trying to achieve with it.

You mentioned getting a score of 100, so I’m guessing it was a school assignment. School work, of course, doesn’t necessarily have the same sideboards and goals as real-world graphic design. In school work, your client is, in essence, the instructor and your payment is in the form of a grade instead of cash. So if you got 100, you did a good job understanding what the instructor was looking for, which is fantastic.

Keep in mind, though, that the real-world rules are different and have have lots more to do with clients needing visual communication problems solved in order to achieve a goal that has to do with a target audience.

Change of subject: Are you an illustrator? Is that your goal or are you aiming to become a graphic designer or, maybe, both? For an aesthetic point of view, there’s lots going on in the illustration that I like.

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I quite agree. There’s a style you can call your own. It’s the “design” part that you might want to work on.

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Thanks everyone. I’ve always loved to draw, write stories and make things, even now that I’m older. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but I love making things and creating designs. I’ve had more experience other than coreldraw but I fully know how to work in that software. I’m aware it may not be used in the professional sense. I’ve used a little Adobe, but not enough to know how to actually use it. I thank everyone for the feedback! I do need to work on my drawing and other things more. But this was how Covid-19 affected the industry. With how things are going, and putting in my personal experience this image just popped in my head and I went with it. I drew one before this as well (it’s kinda silly) but I wasn’t sure if it were good enough. I’d be more than happy to share it with y’all to get some feedback on this as well. At the beginning of the year I have two friends that own their own businesses and I designed their logos for them. They loved it, and now use this for their own personal goods. I’d be happy to share those as well. Thanks everyone!

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