Cricket World Cup

OK so I know this won’t mean much to many of you, but I for one have never witnessed such a staggeringly tense, close fought match in any sport. England and New Zealand have competed in a game of cricket that will go down in history.

At the end of normal play, both teams had scored the same. At the end of the extra ‘Super overs’, both teams had scored the same. The title was given to England because they had scored more boundaries in the match. They might as well have decided it alphabetically, or on the toss of a coin.

I get that the sponsors need someone to be the winner, but this was a tie in my mind and I hope the kiwis are proud of their team because they played exactly as well as England did.

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For me, the sport I love is soccer. For those that truly love a sport, they will “feel” this exchange from Field of Dreams:

Ray : I bet it’s good to be playing again, huh?

Shoeless Joe : Getting thrown out of baseball was like having part of me amputated. I’ve heard that old men wake up and scratch itchy legs that have been dust for over fifty years. That was me. I’d wake up at night with the smell of the ball park in my nose, the cool of the grass on my feet… The thrill of the grass.

Shoeless Joe : Man, I did love this game. I’d have played for food money. It was the game… The sounds, the smells. Did you ever hold a ball or a glove to your face?

Ray : Yeah.

Shoeless Joe : I used to love travelling on the trains from town to town. The hotels… brass spittoons in the lobbies, brass beds in the rooms. It was the crowd, rising to their feet when the ball was hit deep. Shoot, I’d play for nothing!

You are saying absolutely Right

Oh, you mean football. Mind you, I do enjoy watching NFL and CFL, but I can’t bring myself to call a game that’s played with hands and gloves on an object that looks like an olive pit “football”.

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