Crickets & Tumbleweeds

Quiet around here, today. Which is a bummer. I was hoping for a little more chatter, because I have not felt like working at all. Barely put in two hours worth of billable time at this point. There’s work to be done, I just don’t feel like working. So I’ll check GDF, check the news, check the stock market, and repeat.

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Are you on a Mac?

Not so much today, but I’m finding myself in much the same situation more and more often. Changes in management and direction where I work has left me with unchallenging tasks that frequently bore me to the point of barely being able to keep my eyes open.

I never check the stock market during the day (too much anxiety), but email, the news, GDF, Facebook, etc., are often the most interesting diversions I have (that and long walks at lunch).


Mondays are blah days for everyone I think :wink:

Have a funny … free of charge. No thanks needed :wink: :smiley:



Oooh and here is this … I always sing it in my head every time someone says “tumbleweed” :smiley:

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That did it. I’m heading for the Starbucks down the street. :smile:


For me it is vice versa. Mondays I have calls almost back-to-back (on purpose), so busy busy busy. The other days are the creative days. :slight_smile:


Monday time wasters :slight_smile:




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Yes, sir.

All of the sudden, I’m craving a White Russian.

(If you get that, you get that.)


Steve, then if you have time to kill, maybe take me up on my offer that I made in “News”. Still a code left.

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