Critical writers on graphic design?

Hi all,

Some of you may have read my previous posts. I have always found this community incredibly helpful/resourceful as an online student. If you have, hi again!
I am writing my dissertation on visual rhetorical devices (specifically rhetorical figures such as visual metaphors) used in advertising, and the advantages and potential negative factors (using selective wording here to avoid plagiarism issues later on) in both commercial and social issue advertising. The argument is based on the use of visual rhetorical figures as a means to persuade by appealing to viewers’ deeper emotions. I have quite a clear set of arguments (enjoyment, deeper elaboration, understanding, acceptance) and counter arguments (some: deception, misinterpretation, manipulation)

But, I am trying to flip the perspective to that of the designer, the ethical decisions when it comes to using specific rhetorical devices to amplify/glorify and specifically - appeal to emotions to persuade.

Again, trying to keep my wording brief to avoid plagiarism :slight_smile:

HOWEVER, I have been finding it incredibly hard to find graphic design critics/authors who write credible journal articles from the designer’s perspective. I find plenty of articles, this is true, but the articles are all on a select few topics - graphic design education, process, and issues related to authorship and industry. I also am finding it hard to find up to date collections of design writings. For example, the collection that keeps popping up is “Looking Closer: Critical Writings on Graphic Design” - but I have been finding it hard to find similar, more recent critical writing collections.

I am trying to find some articles along the lines of the ethical decisions graphic designers have to take into account, our role in shaping messages to persuade etc.

But would even be happy to find some authors who focus solely on criticism in terms of the role of the designer. [Who are some critical writers who have published articles on the role and practice of graphic designers?]

Any thoughts appreciated. Have spent weeks on my research and this has been an obstacle.

In what context?
Something other than the above?
All of the above?

Can you give an example of a rhetorical device?

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