Critique my logo?

I’m doing a brand identity project for a Mexican restaurant called Fresco Mexico. I posted the original logo on another forum that was the first draft of the logo to get feedback. I took your guy’s advice on omitting the word “restaurant” because I agree if it says Mexico, then clearly people already know it is a Mexican restaurant. I also changed the font as it was hard to read and color to white. This time I did three concept logos the first one is the original logo that has a pepper, and a leave that symbolizes that it is a healthy restaurant. The second logo, I wanted to be more creative the original concept was to have the pepper part of the M, but couldn’t do that. So, I thought to my self maybe just leave the M red as the pepper, and just have the stem. The third one has fire as the leave because I realized that a lot of Mexican logos have fire that also symbolizes the grill part. I want to add highlights to the peppers, but don’t know how to do that, so if you can give me some tips on how to achieve that would be great.

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