Critique of Enlightened Logo a Coaching Org

Saw other designers’ concept of fireflies on there but nothing ties me or restricts me to them. There’s equally nothing out of place being realistic with firefly image in logo. You may discover that those images you (Just-B) referred to above may have become cliched already.

Nor did anyone say there was something wrong with realism in a logo. The point is that @Adexly was struggling with one line of thought when drawing a firefly. I linked to a place with several hundred different interpretations of fireflies — some interesting, some less so — in an attempt to help him/her climb out of the box. I didn’t mean to suggest the solution was to imitate any of them or to use clichéd solutions.

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How about a firefly with a light bulb on its tail? Is that cliche? If not it might be a good idea.