Crop Marks effect in Illustrator

Working on someone else’s file, I noticed he/she applied the Crop Marks effect in Illustrator, something I usually don’t do.

It’s currently set up to use a Pantone and would like to change it to a CMYK value. Is there a way to change the color of the crop marks?


The new version of illustrator applies live crops.
An older version links them to a shape. You have to find that shape and expand it to release the crops to edit them.

Expanding will work but I thought there would be a way to simply edit the effect.

The effects-generated crop marks are automatically output with each of the separations. Maybe I’m not understanding your question.

What version of Illustrator?

If it is indeed Illustrator’s live Crop Marks effect (will appear as an effect in the Appearance panel), it can’t be a Pantone spot color. Crop marks applied via the Effect menu get stroked with “Registration” (100%C, 100%M, 100%Y, 100%K). Expand Appearance (then Ungroup from the object to which the Effect was applied), is the only way to edit/change them.

The crop marks were done via the Effects menu and they are not Pantone as I originally thought. I found another set of crop marks, which I believe were done manually, on top of the other ones.

It was the manually drawn crop marks that had the Pantone.

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