CS4 & Mojave

So my iMac crapped out last night, the screen went south. The hard drive is fine and I do have a backup, blah, blah. The new (refurb) one’s a’coming and probably loaded with Mojave. Has anyone successfully got CS4 working on that iOS?

Nobody has ever had CS4 running on any iOS I guess.
I don’t know if CS4 runs on macOS Mojave.
Some folks her say it does – you maybe have to sort of repair a licence Adobe CS4 mit OS X 10.14.2 | MacUser.de Community!
CS6 runs OK on macOS Mojave – at least PS AI ID DW AP. You will be asked to install an old Java version.
Do you hace any choice? When your refurb Mac arrives you have to try it anyway, right?
Affinity Suite runs better. Publisher is way faster than Indesign CS6 on older systems/Macs

Funny, I’ve been running it on iOS for about 13 years.
But thank you, that link will def help.

I think Joe was trying to point out that iOS is the operating system for an iPhone and MacOS is the operating system for, well, Macs. So, you’ve probably been running it on MacOS (or previously OSX) for 13 years, but not on your iPhone.

I vaguely remember running CS6 on something old, not sure it was mojave, mighta been one of the last kitty cat updates, but the point is, there is some kind of Java driver you had to update along the way. Mine always gave the error message and offered a download link. Whether it’ll do that now or if the link is available? Dunno.

I had the discs for CS6 and gave them away because I could not run it on OSX anymore, that was a few years ago.

Maybe there’s a way that I don’t know about but, I had to use a hack to get it to install (bypassing the auto install) and eventually that stopped working and I gave up….Got my subscription on a Black Friday deal and now I fluctuate it between single app and full suite depending on my needs.

Sorta off topic but, I was wondering what most Linux users do, Adobe has never worked that platform. Was thinking about building a computer just for fun.

Anyway, Best of luck to you.

The link Joe gave me has all the info on the Java driver, I’ll check it out.

Useful by the way link sort of repair a license Adobe CS4 mit OS X 10.14.2 | MacUser de Community! 3 found a lot of interesting things on this resource!

I am running CS4 on a MacBook Air 2010 now trying to install CS4 on a MacBook Pro 2012 were the serial number is correct , but displays a red x,
this registration problem occurred suddenly and I never had this problem.
I can alway revert to a time machine back up to install if needed.

Yea, it absolutely wouldn’t work for me, I can use the subscription from work fortunately.