CS6 / CC Teams / macOS - Advice Needed - Business Setting

We have a small marketing team that just consists of five employees: manager, graphic designer (me), video support, social media, and marketing assistant. We all had iMacs with CS6 and a shared server for file storage and sharing. However, I moved to Creative Cloud when I got a new iMac in 2018.

This has created a number of issues:

  • Despite having CC, I had to download the old versions of the Adobe apps in order to stay compatible with my coworkers.
  • Since the newer macOS do not support the older versions of Adobe apps, I have to stay on High Sierra, which is older than my iMac.
  • My newer iMac has passed up our server for file storage which causes numerous and consistent errors when accessing and saving shared files on the server.
  • Adobe no longer supports CS6 and no one will be able to do a software update until we all move to CC.

I find myself thinking about how much money my new iMac cost our company and yet I am not able to use it to it’s full capabilities since I have to continue running it on the same macOS as my old computer and can not utilize the newer Adobe apps. I feel it’s time to look forward and get our entire team on Creative Cloud. If we were to do so, we could take advantage of new features and benefits of updates from both macOS and CC and also utilize iCloud storage which would fix our server issue. However, my manager is very hesitant. He doesn’t feel that there are enough benefits to justify the cost.

My questions…

  • Has anyone else found themselves in a similar situation where some employees are on CS6 and some on CC? If so, how did you manage the incapability between the programs?

  • If you moved an entire team to CC, do you feel it was worth it? Do you have regret?

  • Do you feel the benefits of updating outweigh the cost of moving to CC? Or not worth it?

  • Anyone have a detailed list of new features and benefits of Catalina vs. High Sierra and CC 2020 vs. CS6?

I tend to get overly excited with new technology. I love finding all the new features and capabilities with programs. So I’ve been very anxious to update my new iMac. However, my company frequently tends to stick with the past with old fashioned thinking… So I don’t want to push for this until I have all the facts! Thanks for any and all of your help!

this is just my experience, not gospel:

  1. I freelanced in December 2018 for a medical company who switched to Linux within 2014 due to economical strains from a national medical plan that did not favor them. Luckily for them, their IT crew were sharp and wanted to transform their mainframes and data base. I performed graphic design and photo editing using Linux Mint just on a Dell xps which (was basic but provided the results they needed) during my tenure with them.

  2. i use an older Macbook and OSX when i need to use CS4 and transport those files into a Windows Environment without any problems, maybe you can do the same.
    Remember, Both Adobe and Apple are great, reliable and user-friendly, BUT Adobe wants that monthly fee for the end of time now. Apple seems to shun their older items and every September we either breathe a sigh of relief, or consider our options for another year.

Whether this is good or bad, you need to decide if keeping up with the changes will be a good business decision, we will not know.

If you stick with CC, just budget their monthly costs and factor in some computer upgrades if CS6 get obsolete.

i don’t know if this helps- there is really no definite answer to your situation.

for me my creativity is my asset, they equipment i use is secondary.

You have a lot of car crashes going on there.
The MacOS doesn’t offer any real advantage, and hasn’t since maybe Yosemite. It’s still the same software as far as production goes, just a little more bloated.

Catalina has some rather nasty repercussions if a lot of your software is back in the CS6 stage.
Catalina WILL NOT RUN any software that isn’t 64-bit. This includes InDesign CS6, and a LOT of 3rd party utility software. Adobe and the 3rd party plugins that run within Adobe are still trying to make that work… I actually haven’t done the upgrade. We did one machine in our department and still haven’t sorted out the headaches with a bunch of suddenly legacy software.

Adobe has some very strange concepts about what businesses need. Where you are a team, it may actually benefit you to have some of the cloud capabilities of the Adobe software. Just remember to be concerned about your NDA agreements. Some clients don’t like off-site cloud storage solutions. There are also two levels of payment. Individual and business. The business option gives you more cloud capabilities. Just be sure the benefits outweigh the cost. Have your boss check with the accountant on how much of a business expense the CC software rental would be. Bear in mind too, if it’s on the cloud and your internet goes down… Just something I like to point out. I’d highly suggest some sort of backup to your cloud system.

Not sure what your issue is with your Mac “passing up the server.” What does that mean? What kind of server, and if per chance a windows server, are you using an SMB protocol? Try connecting as smb:// and see if that works.

Yes, outside of photoshop its a complete pain. Anyone on CC will always need to downsave their work.

CC is a necessary beast if you want modern computers. Otherwise you should never update an OS or even buy a new computer that was built past CS6 compatible era. There aren’t any remarkable benefits using CC. If you have a system and workflow in place for CS6, that will likely continue unchanged into CC.

CS6 will work better, plain and simple. CC has become buggy bloatware. Catalina takes away more than it adds (no more 32bit, no more dashboard)

Thanks for your advice! We’ll do a bit more research.

As far as “passing up the server…” Our server is something that was built in-house by our IT department many many years ago. I have had issues saving any documents on the server since I got my new computer. I asked our IT manager the other day and he said it’s because the server is too old and my computer is too new - which is causing issues. However, I don’t know much about servers…