Currency and Money Design

Hello, does anyone knows of a piece of software or technique to create drawings similar to the attached image? This kind of drawing was common on old currency. Thanks.

Look up spirograph tutorials for Illustrator.

The patterns were produced by a machine etching technique called Guillioche. There are tutorials for how to do this in Illustrator (e.g.

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I use a bunch of line art pattens and make new designs out of them for playing card backs. This is very similar. I don’t think I will be helping you print money though lol.

Who said they were producing money? I printed a whole historical museum exhibit back in 1998 that used this type of design element as part of the overarch theme. Every section in the exhibit had a variant of etched “money” design.

That was a joke, but I guess it fell flat. :slight_smile:

@gabriielangel If you have Illustrator you can play forever getting interesting patterns with Envelope Distort.

Here is a quick tutorial.

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