Curved monitor for graphic desinging? Yes or no?

Hey everyone,

I want to know if anyone has used or uses a curved monitor for their graphic designing work? I was actually thinking of getting one but someone said that the lines are curved rather than straight. So would like to know you guys think of it.

Thank you in advance.

Why do you want a curved monitor? What benefits do you think you will get?

If I could find a 52" curved monitor it would fit in my 36" alcove…
depending on the curvature of course. Anyone making a monitor with 360 degree curvature?

Swivel chair sold separately.

I work with a guy who uses a 40-something-inch curved monitor. He said it took a little getting used to, but that he likes it because the sides of this large monitor are better oriented to face him rather than him having to shift positions a little to get more directly in front of things.

This makes sense to me for the same reason that my laptop monitor, sitting off to the side, faces me at a different angle than the larger desktop monitor that it’s connected to.

I’m in the market for a new monitor, so I’ve been looking into the larger curved ones, but am leaning against getting one since I’m finding their resolutions typically being lower than I’d like. Pairing a 6–8K resolutions with an extra-large curved monitor would make sense, but very expensive. Besides, the selection is limited and it would require also buying a new computer capable of taking advantage of them.

A slight tangent, but speaking of 6-K monitors, Apple’s seemingly going to be selling a (non-curved) one this fall at a whopping $5,000, which would make a perfect pairing with their $15,000 maxed out tower. (I can only dream.)

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I’ve stayed away from curved monitors because I do a lot of print work. I already make considerations when making artwork flat that will end up being on a curved/rounded surface, putting a curved monitor into that mix will likely just create another challenge for me. Plus I’d rather view artwork flat just like how it prints.


Thanks for your reply. I was passing by the monitor shop that day and i was curious to know what it would be like in doing design work on a curved monitor. haha I am not a fan of apple products. Thank you for the advice :grinning :grinning:

thank you for the advice :grinning: I mostly into Branding and Ui design. I do the on and off packaging design only if i find the client interesting haha

have you worked on a curved monitor?

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