Customer relationship management (CRM)?

Do you use a CRM system for managing historical data on your clients and do you think there’s any value in it?

I think there’s value in it if you have dozens or hundreds of contacts and clients. I’ve worked at places where the sales and development (fund raising) people used Salesforce.

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I have a spreadsheet that I created to serve as a rudimentary CRM system. It’s nothing near a full-fledged system, but it works for me.

This is the type of question more people should be asking around here. Yes, there is immense value in it. Keeping in regular contact with your clients, past clients, and leads helps keep your name at the top of their mind. Set up a contact program from the get-go. There is a saying, “there’s money in the list.”

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I think the spreadsheet’s a great way of doing it. Have looked at a few proprietary solutions such as Zoho (and a couple more) and they all seem like they’re not really well designed to record the data in a way that’s very practical and accessible, found them very clunky and awkward.

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I use fanurio for my job-logging, time-keeping, invoicing. Within that each job gets allocated to a client and all their info is kept there. It is searchable. Worked well for me for years. I highly recommend it.

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Thanks mate, downloaded it and had a bit of a play with it - looks like a good tool for time-keeping. Have you tried Toggl?

I haven’t. Will give it a look when I get a moment.

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