Customizing Adobe Illustrator Package


I’m going to try to explain what I need the best I can.

I create product mockups on custom templates with our companies brand on them.

What we end up needing is:

A pdf presentation of all mockup pages for each item for customer review
Each mockup artboard saved as it’s own individual file for our vendor
PNG images of each product image for estimate
Export of artwork that will be printed on each item.

So far, this involves me exporting multiple times to get the different formats that I need. Saving the illustrator file, and a pdf version of the illustrator file.

I’m wondering if there is a way to save all of the information I need with one click of a button. I’m not sure if that is something that I can do with package, because it doesn’t look like I can customize that the way I need to.

Is this where scripts may come into play?

I’m just trying to find a way to make my life easier.

Scripts could do it. Can you share an example?

Did you take a look at the asset export panel?

I mostly use the assets panel because the makes the process go quicker than it would any other way I know of at this point.

It’s kind of difficult to share an example.

But basically I want to save the AI file, a pdf version of it (in smallest file size), all mocked-up images as .png, and also save each art board as it’s own PDF all at once.

Have you tried creating an action for most of the steps? Then all you should have to do is combine files into a pdf.