"Customizing" Strokes

Two part question.

  1. Trying to figure out the best method to achive the angled effect at the end of a line. I’m assuming this is done by outlining the stroke and manipulating the points. Perhaps they are combining and deleteing segments with the shape builder tool?

  2. Anyone know what the style the “S” is? Looking for tuts on how to create letters like this.


Moving anchor points around by hand would be a pain. You might consider using the path finder, and a small shape at the angle you’re looking for - then crop or divide the two shapes and delete the excess paths and fills.

Also there’s some skew and perspective tools that may allow you to uniformly angle the shape’s edge.


I believe the S is just three offset paths.

As for the angle, yup, use the pathfinder. I’d just draw a line, set it at the correct angle and use Pathfinder > divide, then ungroup and remove the parts I don’t want.
If you use a shape to cut, you might want to set your pathfinder options to remove redundant points and to delete unpainted shapes. Otherwise things can get pretty messy.

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I’d probably use a clipping mask to hide the parts of the shapes and lines that I don’t want to be visible, creating the illusion of the angled cut. The benefit of using masking is that you can continue to modify the shapes and the mask angle.

Once the design is “final”, then I’d use the pathfinder as @PrintDriver suggested.

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