Daddy buys f1

Commonly we want to buy that super fast lens,I Am guilty…Then realize it’s sharpest at f8…So tell me what lens disappointed you most?

I hear you. Everyone has to have that 2.8, but then you rarely shoot at 2.8. I know there are some applications when it’s helpful, but the vast majority of my photos are shot between f8 and f14. The last time I bought a lens, I was debating between the 17-35 f2.8 and the 16-35 f4. I ended up going for the f4 and have been quite happy with the purchase.

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Once I figured out how to first push process film and later raise the ISO, I don’t remember being disappointed in a lens.

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When I first started with DSLR I had a sigma 105 prime in f2.8 that i was super disappointed with. In hind sight i was my lack of knowledge…Now that I comprehend much more I have a 24prime f2 by canon that I absolutely adore but find that I shoot mostly @ f4/f8.

Something along those two lenses is on my wish list

I have the Nikon 105 mm f 2.8, and I use the heck out of that lens. I have a couple of clients that I do studio / table top shots of product for. The 105 is great for that type of work. But I never shoot that stuff at 2.8.

The lens that I use the least is the “nifty fifty” (aka “plastic fantastic”). I get the appeal. It’s cheap (as far as lenses go), small, and light. But I just don’t have that many occasions to use it.

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