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Was thinking of a new section in this forum called Daily Design

Every day we’ll have a topic or theme and you have to do a daily design based on that topic/theme
This way we all can participate and do something to see how we do, what we do, and critique each other on it.

Because it’s for studying/learning/growth, you could utilize photos found on the net to help create your design but any used photos that are not yours should be shown in a separate space from your image so we can see what you actually made vs what already existed in the photos you used if you should use one.

Social hashtag: #GDFDailyDesign



Are you volunteering?


Trying to get everyone to participate in something monthly became a major issue and chore. Between making myself remember and begging for people to participate - I gave up on it. I think something daily would be near impossible.

I for one wouldn’t participate. There is no way I could commit to it daily. If I did and then couldn’t, I would just feel guilty LOL :wink:

Most of the regulars here have pretty minimal time to visit with job and home life commitments.

I hate it when I sound like I’m raining on someone’s parade :frowning:

Maybe others will chime in and we can see what the interest is.

Otherwise I don’t think we would need a special forum for it. Just post it up in General or Off Topic with the hashtag and see who participates. But, try not to be too disappointed if the turn out is low :wink:


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I am open to the idea of some sort of creative exercise. I’d participate as I was able, but there is no way it would be daily.

I volunteer!

Don’t need everyone, but doing something like this is good for your abilities whenever you do it.

Sounds great!

Is there some kind of competition between different levels of designers on this forum?
For instance, this guy on You Tube is setting a tournament and I find the idea super cool!

I’m not watching 15 minutes of someone who has annoyed me in the first 15 seconds lol :wink:

That being said … no.

We have done many things in the past - just for fun. I think we would prefer to keep it that way :wink:

I can see it being more of a weekly or monthly thing. Instead of having each person design something, have each person improve or (at least critique) the 1 design. Important: the person who chooses the design subject and specs should not be the same person who does the initial design.

The challenge is to get the majority of people to like the design. Kind of like the way the new forum logo was done.

I lasted, maybe, 10 or 15 seconds before clicking away. I’m not one to casually suggest violence, but somebody really ought to slap that guy. :wink:

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@Steve_O @PrintDriver @Spring @designzombie

So far we’re up to day 3 of design dailies in case you missed it and may have been interested in participating. Here’s Day 3: GDF Daily Design for Sunday 3/24/2019 “Potato Farm” + Cover page of a trifold brochure


I mean, he’s how he is in the video, I just watch because I really think the initiative is cool and I would really like to participate to one of those tournaments :smile:
I’ll see but maybe @LineDetail would like to organise this also (not just daily I mean).

I think the intention is to create a design exercise to give everyone that chooses to participate an opportunity to do something a little different. If that’s the case, yeah, it makes sense that the original poster would not always submit the original design. But if it’s a matter of, “hey, let’s all design a fun ad for whatever,” I don’t see a problem with the original poster participating.

I’d be interested seeing a weekly or monthly brief posted. Anyone who wanted could put up a design for that brief.

It would be fascinating and inspirational to see all the different approaches.

Daily would be too much, and too chaotic.

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I think it’s good for the original poster to participate once others get involved. But it changes the nature of the project if the original poster originates the design also. It becomes less of a (design) problem-solving effort and more of a (fine art) self-expression project.

I don’t see it making much difference unless people start participating.

Honestly, though, one per day is too many. One per week might attract a few more participants over the course of seven day.

As for the practice exercises, I’d suggest they be realistic and not all that time-consuming. Pizza for dead people and a breakfast menu for monsters, are a bit unusual. Then again, maybe that’s the point.

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