GDF Daily Design for Sunday 3/24/2019 “Potato Farm” + Cover page of a trifold brochure

You’re invited to participate in GDF’s Daily Design Practice:

Today’s Topic/Theme: “Potato Farm” and the medium is ONLY the front page of a Trifold brochure.
Be sure to include a headline, image, logo, theme design and contact information


About GDF Daily Design:

Every day we’ll have a topic or theme and you have to do a daily design based on that topic/theme
This way we all can participate and do something to see how we do, what we do, and critique each other on it. This is not for money or a contest, it’s just for growth and keeping your skills sharp.

Because it’s for studying/learning/growth, you can utilize photos / graphics found on the net to help create your design but any used images that are not yours should be shown in a separate space from your finished image so we can see what you actually made vs what already existed in the images you used if you should use one.

To help generate some more popularity when making designs for this project, If you post to social media; Please use hashtags: #GDFDailyDesign #GraphicDesignForum #GraphicDesign


I talked the client into placing his address on the back where it belongs. The logo sort of sucks, but his granddaughter has a copy of MS Paint, so I was sort of stuck using it. :wink:

As for the images, I just Googled potatoes and potato leaves, then Photoshopped them together. I didn’t bother saving the screen captures, so I guess I’m breaking the daily design rules (sorry LineDetail).



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