Daily Logo Challenge Critique

Hello, everyone. I am an aspiring student wanting to expand his skillset and portfolio by practicing and learning multiple types of design including logo design, product design, and motion graphics. Despite this being extremely nerve-wracking, I am willing to put myself out here taking part in online design communities for networking and getting some honest feedback. I really want to push myself forward and be the best version of myself as much as possible. While learning lessons from a design course on Udemy, I am tackling a neat 50-day prompt named The Daily Logo Challenge. This will be a WIP showcase thread to present my ideas and try to update it by working through all of 50 concepts.

For now, here is the first design from Day 1’s prompt: Rocket Ship logo.

This one is pretty straight-forward. I tried creating a diamond shaped logo out of a rocket launching from the ground.

Firstly, hi and welcome.

Well done for having the mettle to put yourself out there and face criticism. It’s not the easiest thing to do. The more you do it, though, the easier it gets – in theory – once you realise it is not personal and is objective.

All that precursors my thoughts. So here goes…

What you have presented, naturally, given that you are just starting out, has issues, but visually it is pretty competent and is better than I would expect from someone at your stage of the game, from an visual stand point. That is not meant to sound as dismissive as I know it probably does. However, From what you have presented, all that can be criticised is the aesthetics of it. As a logo, I’m afraid, it is pretty meaningless.

My big issue here, is not the logo itself. You patently have some talent and a definite aptitude for this kind of work. My issue is the educative path you are going down. It pains me to see someone with obvious ability walking blindly in the wrong direction. Believe me, we see people here, like marching ants, who come along to present their work and you just know they have no ability, but wanna be a designer coz it’s cool.

Your post demonstrates exactly why you should not go down the self-taught, online, YouTube, daily competition route to becoming a graphic designer. You won’t. Well, you might, but you won’t make enough money to give yourself the kind of life you dream of and you won’t be doing the kind of work you want to be doing. You’ll end up scratching in the dirt with the army of ants searching out $50 logo work. That’s not design.

Design is always about problem-solving and is multi-faceted.

A logo with no context, with no brief, no problem to solve is as pointless as a chocolate teapot. It may look pretty and appealing, but ultimately, useless.

Logo design, in and of itself, is meaningless. It should always be just one part of a brand. It should be a visual mnemonic, onto which a company or organisation’s cultural capital can be built. It is the vessel which holds the ethos, culture, aspirations, market position, etc, that represent the organisation in question. It is the designer’s job to communicate this ‘culture’ to a specific and intended audience. A logo is simply the representation of all these things. Through use of typography and imagery, you help evoke the emotional response that your client needs to grow their business.

I know that all sounds a bit intense, but it is intended to help you see why ‘doing’ a logo a day is pointless. You have presented a logo, as you say that is based on a rocket. Equally, it could be a pen nib, a teddy wearing a clerical mitre, what is it for? Is it a courier company? What market are they in? Who is their audience? Where is the company headed? Start-up, or existing company wishing to tweak their market position. I could go on. Design has to have a reason to exist, otherwise it’s just prettification.

The very best advice I can give you is, go and get yourself a bricks-and-mortar degree from an actual university with actual students and lecturers, where you will get daily, in-person critiques of your work.

Learning is massively important and good on you for wanting to reach as high as you can, but you need to learn in the right direction, otherwise you end up with lots of information and little knowledge.

I would be very interested to see your portfolio and other work you have done. As I say, just based on this one logo alone, it is clear you have an aptitude; don’t waste it.

Hope this helps.


Hello, sprout. I have to say thank you for such a helpful, well-detailed response. I should’ve mentioned that I DID go to a university and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2022. However, I feel like I didn’t take my education seriously enough and I fully regret not reaching for more opportunities when I was learning there. I didn’t take any internship programs whatsoever. I am socially awkward and reclusive, so networking with other students and teachers was a real struggle for me. I wanted to do this challenge to improve my portfolio and exercise my creativity. You do have a point that designing for the sake of making something visually cool looking is pointless without context and/or marketing.

I have been actively trying to sign up for entry and junior level jobs on LinkedIn and have been unsuccessful so far. That is the part of the reason why I am taking up an online course to re-learn the basics and train myself daily. I don’t know if all I’m writing here makes sense but… I just feel frustrated and lost. I always wonder what exactly I should be doing to get on the right path.

I can share my current portfolio. It’s small since I’ve removed some pretty old ones that I’m not proud of anymore.

Edit: Just realized I can’t share links in posts. Any workaround with this?

Unless a moderator comes along, you’ll need a few more posts before you can post a link. We have a problem with spam here so that is the trade off.

What you said makes complete sense. Also breaking into this industry is hard, especially if you didn’t do the internship thing while in school. Entry level is pretty much: a college degree plus at least 2 years experience. You might try looking for paid internships rather than a job first. It’s short term and not ideal, but you can try. Not being in school might make that tough. The interns we take do paid part time work, but they are also working for a grade. And they aren’t designers, but tradespeople (carpenters/welders/riggers/theatre trades and signmakers.)

If you can’t find a design job, shoot for a production job at a printer or sign shop. If you learn back end production, your design work will benefit, for sure.

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I’ve bumped up your posting priveleges by a notch, so you should be able to post links now.

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Yes, this is what we need to truly discuss any work objectively. Otherwise, we’re left to leave comments that have nothing to do with the problem you’re trying to solve.

No matter when you present your work, you should be able to give someone an elevator pitch as to the problem and your thought process in how your design attempted to address the challenge.

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I thought it was a tribal mask, not a rocket.


Thank you guys for all the info! I will try to research and learn more about print/sign jobs.

Squarespace link for portfolio: soybean-flounder-rnx4.squarespace.com

As I said, there’s only 3 projects in there since I deleted a good chunk of content recently and have been trying to replace them with newer stuff.

I see you’re in O’Fallon. I was just in O’Fallon meeting with a client yesterday.

Yeah, the more I look at it, I can see it too lol.