Damn Dam

Which digital asset management systems do you use? Do you like it? I’m using portfolio right now and despise it. We’re thinking about switching to Libris but I don’t know that it’s any better. Some of our issues are internal…our photographer puts everything he shoots on portfolio, which in the past 2 years has come to 75,000 images. He’s great at photography but he has no ability to choose his best work. So, I can’t leave it up to him to pick what he uploads. But I also can’t keep going like we are. Portfolio becomes more unmanageable everyday. So, I’m open to any input and insights you have about dam’s.

I use ACD See Pro. That software offers a lot; ranking, filtering, categorizing, search, editing…

I haven’t used their Photo Studio product, but it looks promising too.

LOL! Sometimes great artists are almost like idiot savants (no offense to your photographer). But sometimes it’s the weirdness that makes them so amazing.

Sorry don’t have an answer to your question though.

I use command+“F” key

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I’m actually the same way with my art. I’ll think somethings no big deal and people love it but the things I love they’re more “meh” towards. While I’m a participant in this phenomenon, I don’t have any insight into the why of it.

I met with Libris yesterday. I was very impressed. I think we’re going to do a trial with them. If they pass the mustard then we’ll hopefully make the switch before our Portfolio contract is up.

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