Daniel Carlmatz's Logo Design Challenge

Swedish designer Daniel Carlmatz challenged himself to design a logo with a hidden meaning every day for a year. The results are pretty cool. See some examples below and more on his instagram.


I’m not sure if I’d call them logos, but for word illustrations they are great. I love some of the real subtle, but well done ones especially the negative space of the “puppy” example. Nice share!

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Yes, some could become logos though, if the company name fits I guess.

Those are really clever. I love them! :grinning:

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I love these!!! So clever :smiley:

I’m not so sure the meaning is “hidden”
Seems pretty out in plain view to me.
But they are cute.

I don’t see nudity in the nudist logo, but I’m looking real hard.

Naked “i” :slight_smile:

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Instant inferiority complex…

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