De stijl

I am Nawaka

I designed this flyer by being inspired by DeStijl art.


Read these threads started by your classmates, then get back to us. :thinking: :grin:

That typeface, with that kerning , is going to give me night terrors for the rest of my career.


Life is like a bike ride
to keep your balance
you have to keep moving

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thanks for your feedback I just tried it use a fount that match with the style. I am going to take your opinion in to account. :confused: :no_mouth:

I like what you have done, I also liked the typography but maybe you can change the kerning a little pit :sunglasses:

thank you I will change it :blush:

Ok, perhaps night terrors was a bit harsh. But the “I” and the “K” in bike have morphed into a single character. And that certainly warrants an adjustment.

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Thank you for your cooperation and has fixed the mistakes and added some modifications as well :roll_eyes:

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