Dealing with colours combinations

Please i really need some explanation on how to make use of colours when designing on corel draw

Do some basic research into color theory as it pertains to design. It’s really one of the basic foundations of ‘graphics design’ and you shouldn’t be seeking clients until you know it up, down and sideways

I am going to go even further than PrintDriver and if this sounds harsh, it is because it is meant to. From what I’ve seen so far from you, you need it to be.

Time after time we are seeing more and more young people coming here who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, asking the most basic of questions.

That is perfectly alright. Everyone has to learn.

However that often seems to be followed up, almost immediately, with comments about clients and being a freelancer. It is obvious, they have no education and no experience.

That is not the way it works.

If it wasn’t all so depressingly ridiculous, it would be laughable. Like someone posting that they have their customer’s car in the garage, They’ve taken the engine apart and the wheels off. Now what? What do I do now? it doesn’t seem to be working. It would be tantamount to fraud to call yourself a mechanic at this point.

Those of us who are professional designers with too many years behind us to want to think about too much, will, more or less have had similar foundations. This usually involves a four year degree-level education at a good university. Then, at very least, the same number of years working in the industry, learning the business, before even thinking about taking on our own clients.

I am assuming by your posts, that you are still young. Even so, I am afraid, you take the prize for the most ridiculous example to date. Can you not see the irony of, ‘How do I get clients, oh and by the way, how do I use colour?’ Shocking.

Not what you want to hear, I’m sure, but I’m afraid it’s the reality of your situation – assuming, my assumptions about your situation are correct.

I know not everyone has access to a formal education at a good university. That is the gold standard. Even if you can’t achieve it, now, more than ever before, there are so many resources out there that will give you some idea of what you currently don’t seem to have the faintest idea about.

Quite simply, you need to learn what you are doing before taking money off people for doing it.

Stick around, This place is a great resource for those who are learning, but learn to walk before you run.

Finally, with the exception of a few specific situations, no pro designer I’ve ever come across uses Corel Draw, If you are going to learn any software, make it Adobe.

Design can be an extremely rewarding career, but it’s a hard slog, takes years and is going to involve many sleepless nights before you can call yourself a designer. You’ll also probably need to take another, less taxing, job to support yourself whilst you are learning.

Hope this helps, rather than disheartens and goes some small way to putting you on the right path to building strong foundations for a future career. You’re not there yet, but you can be if you want it badly enough – and of course if you have enough talent in the first place. Remember, nothing worth having comes ever easily.

Good luck.


I can’t improve upon what Sprout wrote, but I’ll second what he said.

In another post, you asked how to find clients. Now you’ve asked a question that indicates that you know next to nothing about graphic design. You can’t take on professional work without the knowledge, skills, experience, and aptitude to do so.

Troll 3

And I will “third” what Sprout said. It is clueless wannabes that muddy the water for the rest of us, who have paid our dues, done the work, and have to deal with clients who don’t want to pay the freight for a professional designer and likely don’t know the difference between the two in the first place.

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