Dealing with fonts (typefaces) on Mac OS

Some brain-exploding info here for the tech geek (aka print production tech)

I like to post this little read every once in a while (actual it’s a VERY long read) about dealing with fonts on the various Mac OSs.

Looks like Catalina made some very drastic changes to both how system fonts are managed as well as containerizing them and the system code to Read Only partitions.

Just looking at this totally reinforces that I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and wipe/reload the work stations. Oh…I so don’t want to do that.

I haven’t had time to read through the entire article, but I most definitely need to. Quickly skimming over it, this jumped out.

Those of us who have been around for awhile have hundreds or thousands of Type 1 PostScript fonts. Converting them as needed to OTF or TTF will be a huge pain in the butt. Using those converted fonts will be another ugly RIP choking issue.

I don’t know if the article addresses this, but the increasing number of required system fonts and all the worthless (to me) extra fonts that are installed are really turning into a major annoyance. Having to scroll past hundred of fonts in a junk drawer of debris to get to the one font that I need is starting to make me very angry with Apple.

IOW, Don’t let the Adobe updater delete your previous version (2020) version of your apps. You can tell it not to do this before you do the update. You’ll have no option afterword.

I have many thousands of type1 fonts (and a few hundred type3 and other non postscript fonts but let’s not go there). I will be investigating any decent conversion utilities that appear, but only for use on legacy jobs and only as and when they come up. I mostly use TTF and OTF fonts these days.

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