For the past few weeks I’ve noticed small text files appearing in job folders with the filename “debug”. Turns out this file is generated when saving files out of Photoshop CC (latest updated). According to Adobe Support Community it is a glitch that’s being investigated by their engineering team. And it’s fine to ignore or delete the little bugger.

Anybody else notice this?

I work on the Adobe Forums - and I know this is a known issue and it’s safe to delete and ignore.

You can leave feedback for Photoshop here -

This is being looked at.


yeah, I like filling my hard drives and servers up with crap.

I’ll do that. Thanks! It’s more of an annoyance than anything.

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I had actually worked on the previous versions of adobe photoshop. As I have left this for a while. Thank you for updating with this information. I will try photoshop again and lets see what change this update had brought into this environment.

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There is an update for Photoshop that rectifies this issue

If you notice anything else make sure to check the photoshop feedback pages and note it there too

I thank you for your research into the matter! Standing by for the PS 21.2.4.update.

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