Délice de Paris - BRANDING & PACKAGING

Hello Guys :blush:

This is my latest project for a chinese restaurant


I hope you like it :blush:

I saw Délice Paris de or de Délice Paris. Which is it?

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It’s in French “Délice de Paris”

Délice = Delicious
De = of
Paris obviously stays Paris XD

A French restaurant in China? That sells burgers, fries, pizza, burritos, and whatever else. :upside_down_face:


Hahaha weird right :sweat_smile:

And another thing, it’s a restaurant, bakery, pastry, and a supermarket hahaha apparently that’s how it goes in China :sweat_smile:

I gathered all of this into one thing “wheat” to make it easier :sweat_smile:

And it’s mostly all in English besides.

I do like it. I like the colors and the logo has a French look too it (and not just because it contains the Eiffel Tower).

What I’m not so sure about (and this isn’t unique to you) is the tendency to obfuscate logos and branding projects by placing those branding example in the best possible situations. It helps sell things to clients, but subtle drop shadows behind the logo with just the right things in the background behind the menu or a perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and colorful vegetables on a cutting board isn’t a realistic portrayal of how things usually look or will hold up in less-than-perfectly controlled real life.

It’s as though there’s a trend with designers paying more attention to the presentation of their ideas than with the ideas they’re presenting. Despite my reservations with going overboard on the presentation, you have done a good job with it.

Some of the shadows beneath the objects aren’t quite realistic. When something touches the surface of another thing, that touch point is nearly always black — not gray. Fading to gray instead of black in those areas makes the object appear to be floating over the surface instead of resting upon it.

I love the rich, warm, comfortable colors, by the way. It sets the tone for a restaurant that I find appealing.


Me too. The script is a bit fatter than I’d want, but perhaps any lighter would approach the more-elegant-than-the-client threshold. I’m not sure the French colors and stars are things I’d mingle either, but I wouldn’t say it hurts the design. It has a positive and appealing slant to it that on the surface seems comfortable and appropriate.

Yes, I don’t doubt I’ll be repeating myself, but I despise this relatively new, and apparently still growing, dedication to the sterile mockup. And why so damned many? Reiterating the same Green Eggs and Ham on a boat, in a mote, with a goat, wearing a coat, writing a note, requesting a quote, getting my vote, and weighing down my tote, just doesn’t make them taste any better. One fake-up would, and should, be enough. More than that is just more fakery. Novelty wears down very quickly through repetition; like on the second one. So much wasted effort.


Yeah the fakeups are cringe-worthy but the branding is hottttt.

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