Design agency Segura tells it like it is

No BS here. The contract and the business card makes a bold statement. I wonder what clients think about it.


I’m guessing these are more marketing materials than the actual contract and business card. But I could be wrong.

Whether true or not, I suspect it might serve as a warning signal to clients that they just might be dealing with a negative, difficult-to-work-with jerk.

I do agree with the pro bono sentiments, though. :grin:

Will not do something that’s been done before?


It a means of being talked about.
Considering their client list, I doubt they actually use such a thing.
The cards, maybe, informally, as it’s just the thing you’d pass around if you received it.
Have a look at their website.

Even better if that card unfolds into that “contract!”
Looks to be about the right size.

The card does not have any contact information. That’s why I thought this was more of a marketing piece than an actually card. But maybe it’s “edgy” to force the client to find your website in order to contact you. Or maybe that’s what he means when he says he’s hard to work with.


Maybe the info is on the back, that is not shown?

I wish I could give this more likes and a big fat thumbs up!

You tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you need lool brilliant

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I think it’s looking very simple. You have to add some colors & design, font style is good.

I like the flat card design.


You mean like make the logo bigger and add rainbow gradients?


*snicker * :blush:

That could be. I thought we were looking at the front and back of one card.

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