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Well, Hello to all, especially the admin of this forum and its team for letting me in. Here in this wonderful forum, I am sure, most of you are member of deviantart already and the former gfxresource or maybe pimped-pixel.

Kindly rate the 10% overall unfinished design, I used to create design out of nowhere i mean from my imagination, from simply drawing / illustrating in a piece or bond paper then scan it to printer and start to do the vector . I used Paint Sai Pro and AI. For the texture i used Photoshop.

I used Milkshape 3D for my 3D, they said Blender, Lumion and the Engineering tools i.e AutoCad Maya are way better, but for me, whatever gfx tool you used it’s up to you if you can do it out of the box.

Thank you.

You might be surprised how many people here aren’t members of Deviant, et al.

Graphic design serves a purpose, it isn’t merely illustration. It doesn’t get “rated” other than is the design appropriate for the purpose, does it work, does it bring in the desired results. Illustration is used in graphic design to underscore or assist the message.

Without knowing the purpose of your art, it’s hard to discuss it.

Note From the Library of Clifford Clavin (USPS):

You know Der, de most medieval axes didn’t actually have what we would call a modern axe “head” (like above). They were more for puncturing and so had very small heads. This also kept them light so the warrior wouldn’t get winded too fast.

(me: a medieval battle is worse than any horror movie I can ever imagine.)

Sites like DeviantArt just aren’t relevant to my my corporate, government and educational clients and employers, so I rarely visit them. Out of curiosity, I just looked for the first time in, probably, a couple of years.

Some impressive skill levels are demonstrated there, but much of the work seems skewed toward things like fantasy and anime art, which doesn’t interest me (or my clients). I wish I had more of a need for commissioned illustrations. If I did, I think I’d spend more time looking for talent there.

Aah, now I get the thread title and what the thing is in the drawing. It’s a fantasy axe. For fantasy warriors, the bigger the better. LOL.
Last fantasy game I played was a very rudimentary first generation maze game called Wizardy - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. Some weapons had names such as Mace of Pounding, Rod of Silence and Dagger of Speed. That was back in the 70s. :upside_down_face:
Things change but remain so much the same.

Is that the one that you have to kill the dragon with your bare hands? lol

There were dragons but it was all melee groups. There was a dragon in Zork. You had to kick it in the butt several times to get it to chase you to the Ice Room where he saw his reflection in the ice, belched fire, and melted the ice door for you, just remember which way to run or the next thing you see is: “YOU HAVE DIED

There may have been a dragon in the original Adventure too, but that one is foggy to me. It was Microsoft and only ported to Apple relatively late in the text-only gaming cycle.
Both games were text-only.

Wizardry had rudimentary graphics but still had a lot of typing.
A picture of a dead end in the maze, and the melee interface:
16%20PM 32%20PM
It had all the spell names you had to remember if you played with a keyboard rather than a controller.

10 points if you know what “Tiltowait” did in Wizardry (it’s the only one I still remember.)

Oh, and BTW, we had a green CRT. So all the lines and text were green and the image had no color.

And the typography would have made you queasy:

It’s like an Ode to Apple 2. lol. I played all these. remember Choplifter?

Vaguely remember Choplifter. Is that the one where you had to fly through a sideview maze?
I more preferred Dogfight (of which I can’t find any images online.)
When the Star Wars games came out, I was all over X-Wing. I could afford my own Mac Performa and monitor then, and by gosh it was in color!

Choplifter was a side-scroller. it was sort of the precursor to Defender. You fly around and pick up soldiers to get them back to base without getting shot down.

I may have had that on the old Atari. Or something similar. I just ran across that thing up in the attic a couple weekends ago. A whole bag of game cartridges, the console and joysticks, and at the end of the cable was - the TV antenna attachment!
Now I’m wondering if the old (really old) analog TV downstairs still works… Hmmmm…

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Original console and games would be fun, but a few years back a friend of mine had set up a retro pie and it inspired me to make one as well. Then you just have to find old game ROMs.

Here’s a youtube video of someone running Retro Pie on a Raspberry Pi mini computer (which are cheap.)

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