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Hi guys! I’m new to posting on this forum, so a quick intro! My name is Charles, I am a location/architectural photographer by trade but currently am studying Graphic Design and am in my 3rd and final year of University in the UK. As part of the final major project I am trying to collect some basic data from people about feedback and where it can be found. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could fill in the survey out.

I don’t know how to go about posting a link to it here, if someone could help me out that would be good. Or if people could reply if they’re willing with an email address, I can send them a link directly or something!

Thanks everyone!


Just copy and paste the link. Or the survey should have a “share” type of button that’ll give you the link.

Thanks, I didn’t see the share option, when I inserted the link directly it shouted at me! Many thanks!

So I can’t work out how to edit my original post and in a new one I still don’t see any way to share or add links and when it’s just copy and pasted in it says “links are not allowed”. Thanks for trying to help though!

Try it again, Charles.

We’ve recently been having lots of first-time posters link to spam sites. Basically, they’re spammers themselves pretending to be legitimate forum members. We’ve been experimenting with forum settings that prevent first-time posters from creating links. I just boosted your forum access privileges, which should allow you to post the link to your survey. Sorry about the hassle. By the way, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the upgraded privilege - here is the link for anyone willing to fill it in, I’d really appreciate it. Loving how friendly and fast this forum is!!


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