Design Competition for students!

Sharing this design competition with everyone here! It’s an opportunity to showcase your artistic designs for the chance to win one of two $5K scholarships and have your original design printed on phone cases sold nationwide. It’s great for emerging creatives who want a chance to have their artwork get out into the world. It’s free to enter and submissions are open until June 26th.

RIP boys :weary::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gender and age discrimination. We are now living in an age of punitive prejudice.

I just took it as a scholarship competition to empower young girls. I don’t think anyone in their 40’s would qualify anyway lol :wink: Aren’t scholarships for the younger crowd?

Either way I took it as being fairly inclusive by adding those that also identify as female or non gendered.

That’s why I didn’t pull it.

We don’t allow crowd-sourcing contests but we have allowed the odd competition over the years.

If the general opinion is that this is no good, chime in and we can pull the plug.


No doubt your points are true and correct. I’m just a cranky old smartass.

On its face, I don’t see this as something that should be disallowed here.

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I know, it’s insane, white American men have been viciously discriminated against since…wait…never mind.

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Oh i’m not complaining. Most scholarships have a target audience they want to have qualifying rights reserved for. :smile:
Good luck to anyone from here who submits a design!

Not sure how this isn’t a crowd sourcing contest. If you read the fine print, you’re basically signing over the rights to all submissions. This is straight up spec in my book.

Did you read the submission rules? Like most of these contests, once you submit art, you waive any rights to how the contest entity uses the art and you waive any right to any compensation for the submission.
IE, they can use ANY submission as phone case art, which they are then SELLING, whether or not the person who submitted the art wins the contest.

Gotta read that fine print.

Ha ha, Steve-o, I had my post written a while ago but didn’t refresh the screen before hitting the “reply” button. Yeah, those contests, always gotta read for that sign-away-your-rights clause in the fine print.

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From the contest front page:

What is a non-binary person?

OK, I just looked it up. It means someone who displays both masculine and feminine identity traits. But this word when used this way makes no sense. Binary means composed of or involving two separate things. So non-binary means, well, not binary and not being composed of or having the traits of two separate things. In other words, the terms means the exact opposite of what’s intended.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in favor of accepting people’s gender identities whatever they may be, but I’m really getting tired of this constant parade of new terms and designations that pigeon hole people into a word salad of divisive categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories instead of just accepting everyone as people whose differences are fine but aren’t nearly as important as what we all have in common.

Male and female is binary.
Non binary is neither. Or both.
I just wish people could be “just people” without having to resort to identity this or that. Some day the human race will grow up.

I’m sure that 99% of the population would LOVE people to be just “people” but that freakin 1% insists on rearing it’s ugly head over and over.

It’s far more than 1%

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