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Hello everybody,
I am doing a project with some friends about a website, but the thing is, none of us know a lot of graphic design, meaning that any attempt at designing a logo for our website will be basic and ugly. I would like to know if anyone is willing to design a logo for a gambling website aimed at the Steam community, specifically Counter-Strike Global Offensive game. I do not plan in spending large amounts of money as I am doing this for fun, therefore I am not expecting any professional logos. That being said, would anyone like to design it?
Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, but your post violates the rules; specifically #4 here:

Thank you for letting me know! I will be editing my post right now.

If you’d like to post for paid work, feel free to do so in the Classifieds section.

Just curiosity here, if you are not expecting a professional logo, why request it from a group of professionals?

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What I meant was that since I am doing it for fun, I don’t feel like a lot of time should be put into it you see?

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carry on i suggest you that make a simple logo like Google

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