Design future

Hi everyone,
at the moment I am working on my final year dissertation, the theme is “What is the design future?”, in order to support my research I have created a little survey of just 6 questions.
Could you please take 1min of your time help me to do it?

Thank you for your time.

Your questions have very little to do with your dissertation query, other than trying to get others to answer the question for you.

Seems an odd dissertation question. You need to narrow it down some. You might ask, “is the future of all logos a circle,” or you might ask “is the future of design devolving to be crowdsourcing and online gang printing,” or you might ask "can the future of design sustain the number of design students being pumped out of university (there is actual math out there already showing the saturation limit has been more than met.)

Good luck.

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