Design in Latin America?

Hey guys,

I’m feeling a bit lost, so hoping for some good answers!

I am living in Germany right now, but I am planning to go to Latin America for an internship.
I’d love to get to know the continent. But until now I can’t find much information about the graphic design scenes there.

Are there metropoles for graphic design? Places with a lot of start ups? Young design students? A special art scene? Big design agencies?



Huge! Sorry can’t help you with that but I wish you the best of luck :blush:

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Latin America is a very big place that includes South America, Central America, Mexico and most of the Caribbean Islands. Can you be more specific?

Brazil produces some wonderful graphic design, as does Argentina. Mexico City is also something of an oasis for bold, innovative design.


My personal travel destinations are Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, maybe Panama.
Chile, Brazil and Argentina seem very expensive what I can’t afford for a half year as a student I guess.

Hi! I’m from Lima, Peru, and I used to work at Advertising agencies. Publicis, McCann, Ogilvy are a few of the biggest ones there. Then there’s a bunch of Corporate Event agencies that are smaller and start ups. I can point you to this: . If you can be a bit more specific, maybe I can help. Argentina is known in South America to be the mecca for advertising and arts Everyone goes there for their master degrees.

Thank you for your reply!

I am interested in (fashion-/product-)photography the most and layouting. I will be in my 7th semester of my bachelor of arts and have to do an internship due to my study.
I was thinking about Quito in Ecuador the most for personal reasons or Mexico City(because they make it easy for students with the visa). Or La Paz or Catagena,…
I feel like just the “richer” countries offer a good opportunity for a qualified internship due to the internet and hearing from friends. But this is hard for me to afford, so I am searching for subejctive opinions and experiences of you!

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