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Hi everyone🤍. I’m doing a group logo design assignment. This is the heron bird template we are going to make. I have an idea to add a baby heron protected by a big mother heron but I don’t know how to design it beautifully… can you suggest your clever and creative designs based on my ideas? Thank you very much🥺 This is a bird template


Firstly, welcome. However, although there are plenty of seasoned pros around here who are ready and willing to help, I’d be very surprised if they will do your work for you. It is your job to solve the problems. Once you have done that, we’ll be happy to offer critiques and comments and help you improve. Coming up with ideas for you is another ball park. You’ll never learn how to solve problems that way.

Sorry if this sounds negative. It’s not intended to be. It is intended to help.

For what it’s worth, what you’ve posted already is pretty good and a huge step ahead of most student work posted really captures the essence of a heron. The type, I feel, is a slight mismatch, but I’m nit-picking. That said, you mentioned it is a bird template. If, by that you mean, you have used a generic stock art heron, then I retract everything I said.

All that’s said, my comments above are aesthetic only. They cannot be anything else, as you have not explained anything about the logo’s intended use. Without that, it’s just a pretty picture. Why do you want mother nurturing young? Is it for a nursery? Mother and baby club? Baby food company? See where I am going? A logo is only prettification without context, rather than what it should be, which is, communication.


That’s okay, thank you very much <3, I’m on a tight deadline and I thought that I need an assistance. I will try to design it and show it to you. This is an article on school logo design.
The heron is the logo of my school.
My school’s slogan is Morality-Will-Creativity.
Therefore, I would like the image of the school logo to be a mother bird flying with its chicks to express two meanings:

  • The mother bird represents the image of a mother and reminds students to always remember the parental nurturing. So we can come to the University today
  • Secondly, I would like to say that the mother bird is like my university - a place that protects, educates and gives wings to students’ dreams.

Is that idea okay?^^ Thank u very much

Hey, Sprout, that’s a Shutterstock logo. :wink:
You can buy it for $11…and so can everyone else on the planet.

I’m not sure what you mean by “template” but using so-called logos off stock sites is pretty frowned upon (actually it just isn’t done in the professional world). If you meant “inspiration” that’s fine, but don’t copy it. If the Heron is the logo for your school, you need to come up with your own art that will reflect the values you describe.

Your description of what you’d like to do implies multiple objects that could easily get too busy or cluttered. Keep it simple. Don’t overwork the idea. Multiple chicks could be problematic in that respect.

If your school is co-ed and includes sports teams where the logo may be used on jerseys and whatnot, you may want to embrace that aspect of the bird image as well. “Mother, chicks and nurturing” all well and good, but, I guess I have to say it, be inclusive and think a little beyond the apparent first meanings that pop into your head.
I’d probably start with this, “a place that…educates and gives wings to students’ dreams.

The concept of a mother bird with protected chick calls for the mothers wings spread over the chick to achieve the mood you are looking for.