Design period confusion

What design period would the posters below poster represent (I know it is modern poster, but what style period is it based on)? Any suggestions? I have researched but just cannot nail it and getting a little confused. It is referred to as Retro, but maybe more Retro/Vintage with a touch of Art Deco influence maybe?

Screenshot 2022-02-01 103220


Neither “retro” nor “vintage” refer to specific styles. Instead, those words are just generic descriptions of things that are several decades old. Art Deco is a specific style, but I wouldn’t call either of these posters as Art Deco, even though there’s an obvious Art Deco influence.

I’m not sure you’ll find any style name that fits them. They’re reminiscent of a popular look from, I’d say, 1935–1945.

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OK, thank you for that - starting to understand. Thank you again

The best I could estimate is 40s for both because of choice of fonts, colors, and shapes.

I’d say the first one is a younger style (5-10 years) than the second. My reasoning being the second has that almost flat design while the first is more detailed and has visual depth.

Plus the second prioritizes you view ‘Motorcycles’, the lady, and the motorcycle (straight to the point advertising with a lady to draw the eye)
while the first prioritizes you view the motorcycle and message of ‘Born to be Wild’ (the motorcycle draws your eye and ‘Born to be Wild’ peaks the curiosity to keep reading).

Different eras grow with new marketing techniques.

Like B I woulda said between 1930s to 50s.
I wouldn’t put too much stock in nailing it down more than that.
These are very modern-day machine precise, and the artist totally missed on the period ‘pin-up’ look. While the backgrounds might be retro, those bikes are a little too modern.

Vintage usually means actual ‘old stuff’
Retro means new stuff made to look like old stuff.
This is Retro.

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Thank you

Thank you