Design Plagiarism in the news again!

Did Nike just rip off the Naval Academy’s coat of arms?

It certainly looks like it to me.

Read the story here.

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No way is that a coincidence.

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Yeah, there’s no possibility of that being a simple coincidence.

Not only is it unethical to copy something like that, for a high-profile situation involving a large company, like Nike, it’s also incredibly naive and stupid to think one could away with it.


Yup. Its definitely copied. And the fact that they thought it would go unnoticed, as you said, is beyond idiotic.

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This article has a gif overlay of the two.
Most definitely a copy.
Not only that, they stole the motto of another acadamy.
Reports are out there that the merchandise is no longer for sale, orders have been cancelled and the store is no longer opening.
There is a designer, or design team, in some serious deep-pocket trouble here.

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I need a “jaw hitting the floor” smiley :wink: I can’t believe people still try to get away with this crap … especially a huge company like Nike :confused:

My guess is it was an agency or freelancer … if its an agency, that agency’s reputation is screwed. Same with the freelancer of course.


Here’s another funny article on this:

Since I seriously doubt Nike would use a freelancer for this, it’s more likely an agency or, even more likely, internal.

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I almost spit out my tea when I got to this … hahaha! :smiley:



Nike has apologized to the Navy and has pulled the line of clothing.
The pop-up store still opened, according to one report.

So what do you do with a bunch of expensive boutique clothes and soccer balls with a whole bunch of bad logos on them? Take it out of the designers’ paychecks?

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