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Hi there everyone. I was wondering what your thoughts are on designing a portfolio. I need to produce a printed one, a small PDF with 3-6 pieces, standard PDF with 10-15 pieces and an online one for my course assessment.

We had to identify 3 different ideas and options on presenting a PDF, printed and online portfolio and choose one of each to create and then seek feedback on these. So would you mind helping me out and letting me know what you think of the options and the choices I am leaning towards as per the below please?

PDF Portfolio

  1. PDF which has images and descriptions and you either scroll through to view or arrow from page to page.
  2. Interactive PDF that has images of works linked to the description of works on another page.
  3. Brochure/magazine style to be viewed using issuu or other similar programs.

Print Portfolio

  1. A fold out brochure.
  2. Screw post bound book.
  3. A printed photo book style.

Online Portfolio

  1. Layout grouped by category to click on and go to collection which then shows the collection of works using Wix or Squarespace.
  2. Basic layout with work and description next to it using Wix or Squarespace.
  3. Full personal website.

I am leaning toward #2 for the PDF version so it would be a page of works then clicking to see the details as I think the work presented together in a block would have more impact. For the print version I really like #2, the screw post book. For this assessment I have a scrap booking screw post book that is about 200 x 200 I thought would be cool to present them in and in reality this would be good for updating and changing as needed. Then #1 for the Online version as I like the idea of having the works grouped in their category.

I appreciate any comments to set me in the right direction.


did Wix ever fix that annoying “click image that auto downloads” using safari and firefox as in 2019?
what ever format is easier for the viewer to see these displayed graphic designs will be fine.

Wix has always been a problematic format in the past.
Squarespace less so.
Behance is a common option these days, simply because it is bundled with Adobe CC.
Avoid anything Flash. LOL.

If you use a post and screw book for a portfolio, the problem is getting it to lay flat. It’s real annoying to discuss an image while having to use at least one hand to keep the book open.

Yes I had read that the screw post book may not sit flat. I wanted to go for something that is relatively easy and affordable to update. What would you recommend? Thanks.

There definitely appears to be pros and cons for most platforms I have looked at. Its just a matter of choosing which one might have the least cons I think. Thanks

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