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I am Vietnamese, just entered the design career, my basic salary is 500 USD / month. I can support my wife and children and also have a small amount of money left to accumulate and build a house. Can you share your salary so I can find out about it? thank you

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We don’t discuss exact money amounts here. But I can tell you that the “Salary” website states that it averages $85,000 per year here in the US. I do believe that is quite generous. No one will start out making nearly that. Here is the link - Graphic Designer

That being said I have no way of knowing what could be earned as a GD in Vietnam.

OMG. As far as I know, the salary of this profession in Vietnam is the highest at just 1200 dollars / year. Salary in the US is a number that I have never imagined. If I got that salary and lived in Vietnam, it only takes 2-3 years for me to be able to spend my whole life here comfortably.

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I just had to look up the conversion. I believe the conversion equals about 23,063 = One US Dollar :flushed:

But, as I said bear in mind, that amount I posted is a very generous amount. Most will start out in the $30,000 If they are lucky :wink:

Thank you very much. That is also the number that I have to dream. :)) If you want, stop translating this covid corona, can you come to Vietnam to play. Vietnam has many interesting things. I can go with you for coffee, go to the beach, eat Vietnamese pho …

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It sure will be nice when it’s all over and people can travel again :slight_smile:

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In Vietnam we are now prevention very well and our daily activities are very normal. We feel like there’s never been a pandemic. I also read newspapers regularly and I also know that in many countries, pandemic is still going on and that is such a bad and difficult thing for you. I hope the world will return to normal as soon as possible. Our Tet is only a month away. It would be great if you could welcome Tet with us

Without being specific I can tell you that I am currently earning less than half the salary I had 15 years ago. I also have chronic debt from multiple redundancies BUT I love working where I do, we are paying the bills, eating well and feeling good. I have come to realise that if you have all that, maximising your salary is irrelevant and may even be counterproductive in terms of finding the right job.

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Thank you for your contributions. Although google translating into Vietnamese has many errors, but I still understand what you said. I want a job that will make my level better and better. But I am limited because of the work I am doing. it didn’t help me grow, it made me worse and worse

I live in Bangladesh and designers over here are really under paid for the work they do. They really work hard but do dot get paid well enough to even manage a good living standards. I really hope people can get paid for the work they do and get paid with the right amount. This is really unfair to the designers over here. Here the problem is that there are many designers and all of them wants to get the job so they reduce the price and get offered with the work.

That’s an ironic statement given that low-paid designers in Bangladesh and elsewhere who work over the internet have been partially responsible for the collapse in graphic design fees across much of the world.

Twenty years ago, for example, my starting fee for a logo design was upwards of four figures (which typically ended up as a visual branding project with an even higher fee).

Today, I design almost no logos for start-ups or small businesses since it’s difficult to convincingly explain to them why my cost is so high when they see supposedly custom logos on crowdsourcing sites selling for for $25.

And partially due to any Tom, Dick or Harry calling themselves a graphic designer because they have cracked copy of Photoshop and enter online competitions.

Yup, that sort of thing (including the tens of thousands of diploma mill school graduates) is the other half of the problem — at least here in the U.S.

Free enterprise and capitalism at work, I guess. Technology moves on as does how people use it.

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