Design should be included in business education

Oh burn! Also, well said!

I am very positive, this phrase already exists deep inside of every designer but it is such a great pleasure reading it in a business-marketing book.

In case you wonder the book is called “Why we buy: The science of shopping” which I highly recommend. As it says in the back “it’s a witty, eye-opening report on our ever-evolving consumer culture” and for me at least, it is a great inspiration to create more attractive and clever solutions.

… and the opposite is also true.

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When businessmen say something like “Can you do this real quick? Just, you know, put the stuff on the page?” I like to answer “Yes. Can you write me a quick report? You know, just some letters and numbers on the page. It should be really easy and fast right?”

…and they think I’m a dick.

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Couldn’t agree more. Alignment issues lie with both sides.

Surely that means you’re in the right.

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I’ve had several less-than-good experiences with business school graduates (MBAs).

They graduate with their degrees with an education in many business-related things, but that education is spread too thin over too many subjects for them to have any real expertise in most of them. A beginning class in this, an intermediate class in that and they tend to believe they’re good to go.

I’m generalizing, of course. Not all MBAs are like this, but I’ve come across more than a few who know just enough about design-related subjects to be dangerous. They’ve oozed with self-confidence, have known exactly what they wanted and have condescendingly seen designers as hired implementers of their grand ideas. Unfortunately, they’ve been painfully unaware that their grand design ideas sort of suck and have been totally uninterested in listening to other opinions.

Naw, I’m a dick. But only when I need to repeat the same things to clients each job. lol

Spiros, do you mean “graphic” design should be included in business education?

To B’s point, MBAs are already spread too thin learning too many things.

MBAs just need to be more humble, having more respect for what they don’t know and more respect for what other people might know that they don’t.

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