Designing for life on mars

That could potentially solve world hunger… - swap meats/animals for vegetation - wheat, corn, etc.

You could solve world hunger if you could grow genetically modified foods on Mars and ship them back to Earth - as the yield would be much larger - and a lot of the process automated.

Another idea would be to solar panels transmitting power back to earth
So energy stations on Mars capturing the Sun’s radiation - as Mars captures more plus it has longer days.

That was my first thought too. Graphic designers don’t invent products or businesses. Inventing a product seems more like a creative exercise in a business school class than something for graphic design students to tackle.

Even so, the instructor’s assignment is what it is. :man_shrugging:

The thing is, in the real world, will a (real) graphic designer encounter such situation? Will a (real) graphic designer receive such a request? Isn’t graphic design courses’ purpose to prepare students for the real world, and not the instructor’s whim?

(Scratch head)

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I love how this brief starts with a concern for the threat of global warming et al… then talks about sending product from Mars to Earth like there is no energy suck there, LOL!
Like… a beauty product. If i could make this > :roll_eyes: really roll its eyes, my monitor would be spinning.
I’d still take this completely sideways and make it something totally unrealistic, but totally serious.

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And not only the instructor’s whim but a totally self-directed project at that.
My imaginary Graphic Design class would have 3 hats. You pick from each hat. A product, a product name, and an imaginary brief of your target clientele. Make it work, because that’s what happens in real life.

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If you’re generating energy on another planet and destroying that you can save Earth.

Yay, let’s f-up another planet…
To save Earth? For what?
Maybe they manufacture clean air, soil and water on Mars and we trade metric ton per metric ton for the crap we have here. Like I said. Sideways (though the Martians might rebel in my sci-fi universe.)

Marvin will be annoyed.

The World is no longer our oyster, it’s the Universe.
It’s all gonna end someday anyway - why not speed up the process…

We’re straying off-topic, which is what this forum is always good at. :grinning:

That being the case, these are the kinds of assignments that fail to prepare students for the real world. Graphic designers never receive assignments that require them to invent products. There’s certainly room for assignments that push students to develop their creativity, but doing so ought to be done in ways that are applicable to work after graduation.

If I were a university design instructor, I’d make a point of giving students a few assignments with built-in tight budget constraints and imaginary clients and supervisors with bad ideas who interfered at every step of the way.

Not really straying off topic - it’s entirely plausible you can create energy on Mars and redirect to the Earth as a power source, creating power plants, solar farms, nuclear power etc. on Mars are all technically possible. And it would be form of a business - and it has green potential for Earth, no more burning fossil fuels.

In terms of the brief for the OPs project - it would fit the spec.

I doubt it’s technically plausible except in science fiction. The beam would need to be a high-energy laser focused precisely on a receiving apparatus sitting on a moving target (Earth) whose distance varies between 35 and 250 million miles. If that beam strayed by even a hundred-millionth of a degree, it could fry a path a mile wide and a hundred miles long. If that sort of thing were possible, the moon would be a better candidate.

Aside from all that, it’s a silly but serious assignment, so I suspect an equally far-fetched solution would work fine as long as it’s approached in a serious way.

I wasn’t really referring to these kinds of solutions as straying off-topic, though, so I agree with you. I was mostly referring to the stray comments and using them to excuse my little rant about school assignments that don’t reflect real-world working situations.

There are two ways theoretically - lasers and microwaves.
There’s some work already going into making solar panels in space that orbit attracting the suns rays 100% of the time and transmitting the energy to the Earth with microwaves.

Where it’s true that technology is not currently there yet over a long distance like Mars - it’s theoretically possible.

And it’s a school assignment with some wiggle room for something great - and the spec says to think big.

The first thing that came to my mind was jewellery made from martian minerals :gem: :thinking:


Hi Grace,

Designing a product, service, or organization that is made possible by the planet Mars can be an exciting challenge. Here are some potential ideas that you could consider:

  1. Mars Rover Service: Create a company that provides a service for sending rovers to explore the surface of Mars for research purposes. This could involve designing the rovers, launching them into space, and operating them remotely.
  2. Terraforming Technology: Develop technology that could be used to terraform the surface of Mars to make it more hospitable for humans. This could include creating a breathable atmosphere, providing water, and developing sustainable food sources.
  3. Space Tourism: Create a travel agency that offers trips to Mars for tourists. This could involve designing spacecraft that can transport people to and from Mars, as well as developing accommodations and experiences for travelers on the planet.
  4. Mars Colonization: Design an organization that aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. This could involve developing the infrastructure needed for sustained life on the planet, as well as creating a plan for transporting people and resources to and from Mars.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. I hope they are helpful, and good luck with your project!


It’s occurring to me that if you want ideas for your class assignments, just ask a chatbot, LOL!

Anyway, Gracerobinson7, Please come on back and show us your solution. Few students rarely come back after posing questions.

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Thanks ChatGPT!


You beat me to it.

… all cleaned up :wink:

Closing this as well since it’s become catnip to spammers and now AI chat novellas.