Designing for life on mars

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for my brief to design a product service or organisation made possible because of the planet mars.
If anyone has any ideas i would be most appreciative
Thanks Grace

Welcome Grace :wave: :grin:
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I take it you are a student. You need to be coming up with these ideas. It’s what you will be hired for in the future.

Why don’t you throw out a couple ideas you have and we can chime in and let you know if you are on the right track.


… Assuming you’ve obtained permission from Looney Tunes.

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Thank you for your response. I have had an idea of creating a coffee brand but I was unsure if I was going down the wrong route, the brief is very open and I was unsure where to start. I think I am just finding it hard to make the link between creating a brand and mars if that make sense :joy:

Did you receive a brief from your instructor? If so, can you post it here with any identifying information that might show up in a Google search redacted?

I’m not going to attempt to give you solutions to your problem, but I and others here could probably give you a few tips on how to come up with something on your own.

What’s coffee got to do with mars?

Space craft, launch systems, imaging, ensors, medicine, space tourism, planetary protection, etc.

The Brief gives examples such as a snack, a bar, a beauty product ect. It states I should create a new graphic identity for a new product which is made possible by mars.

It would help to see the actual brief, but from what you posted:

You’ll have to research Mars and devise a product that would benefit from something about its properties.

Super Red Blibity Blabs, now with genuine Martian Iron Oxide!

Not this kind of Mars?
As a student, I would so twist this. :rofl:

Yeah, I’d intentionally not pick the planet.

The instructor is probably expecting a bunch of seriously boring renditions of the obvious, such as one-way tickets to Mars or selling Martian pet rocks. I’d opt for a creative interpretation of the assignment by rebelling against the obvious and having a bit of fun in a way that still met all the requirements of the assignment.

In addition to the food/candy company called Mars, there is the Roman god of war named Mars, and my favorite graphic arts manufacturer, Staedtler, brands many of its products as Mars, which I conveniently have here at my desk.

The Roman god was my first thought, then following on, something you might need to listen to Holst’s planet suite – obviously, specifically, ‘Mars, The Bringer of War’.

You could have some real fun with this, if you are not to literal.

I was going by the title ‘Designing for life on mars’

It’s not clear what’s needed.
There’s no elements on Mars that are different to what’s here already so mining mars for beauty products is not viable.

There are specific foods designed for space flight and things like that that are directly related to exploration of Mars - that were developed specifically for this.

You can find out about them online.

Ah, it’s very specific, so flights of fancy about Roman gods and classical music are a bit redundant. That said, think as laterally as you can. You don’t want to be doing yet another version of what your classmates produce.

Quite a fun brief to work with. Loads of scope.

That could mean eating chocolate bars for your life. Now there’s a thought …!

Is inventing a product out of thin air really a designer’s job? OK:

Homeopathy drops or globules that boost self-confidence.

"Become a warrior with Mars Power" or something.

"Sand directly from the war planet is highly potentized for this purpose."

This could also be combined with the coffee idea.

Have fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ahhhh, now that’s why we asked to see the entire brief; it’s very specific.

Even so, the assignment is more than a little fanciful, so there’s plenty of room to have fun doing something that starts with a less-than-serious concept that you treat as though it’s a serious thing.

For example, a Martian weight loss clinic could guarantee instant results since the gravity on Mars is only 38% of that on Earth.

Mars is many millions of miles away from Earth, so it would be a great place for introverts to relax and enjoy their solitude at a Martian resort. Similarly, those wishing to stop smoking would have an easier time quitting since the nearest convenience store is several million miles away.

The weather on Mars is a bit dry and cold, so relocating to a new Martian housing estate might suit those who are tired of rain, humidity, and worrying about global warming.

Lots of fun and ridiculous things are possible with this assignment, so have fun with it while still taking it seriously.

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yes but

Create a graphic identity for a new product, service or organisation made possible by life on the red planet for consumption back on Earth.

I interpreted the consumption back on Earth as a branding campaign for a Martian product intended for consumption back on Earth. In other words, the branding is meant to appeal to those on Earth, even though the actual product might entail a trip to Mars. But I understand your point, which is probably what the instructor meant even though he/she gave an example of Virgin Galactic trips to Mars starting at $450,000.

The thing is - there’s nothing you can’t make on Earth that you can make on Mars.
If you can make it on Mars you can make it here.

I’d say you’d be able to grow animals on mars - genetically in a lab - modified - grown on mars - due to the low gravity (38%) you could clone ‘animals’ on Mars and grow them larger than you can grow them on Earth due to less gravity and stress on their bodies.

For this reason - you could grow synthetic meat off planet with genetica modifications to ship back to earth.

In theory - a chicken egg could be 50% larger in size on Mars.
And potentially vegan friendly - as it wasn’t from a chicken - but grown artificially.

Hey it’s a loose brief. Lets go nuts!