Designing for Social Media Campaigns

I am designing a medium sized social impact campaign to run this fall for my organization. I’m trying to get prepped before hand so when creating the assets for it it’s super easy. This process has lead me to the following questions:

When designing assets for a large social media campaign do you design at one size for all platforms or customize the assets for each platforms image sizes?

I’m assuming designing for the platform is the way to go, even though it’ll be more work on the front end.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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Hi, as far as I have understood your question., I will give you a few tips that will really help you in the long run.

  1. Before sending out social messages, you need to have a strategy before wasting money on those web advertisements, and seek and convince people to like, share, comment, and subscribe. In addition, a plan will help you clarify to the public the importance and value of your brand.

  2. It is astonishing that so many companies don’t know who their target audience is. In reality, understanding the profiles or who your customers do not always look at your business. Knowing your customer includes understanding where they hang out and connect socially and, perhaps most importantly, talk about your business.

  3. Always make sure that the action call (CTA) is easy to reach and pursue. It will also be compliant with brand relations and aligned with all marketing levels. CTA’s are very important for your social media and must be put in as many places as you can.

A deliberately created plan starts the best social media campaign. This approach will be unique to your campaign, but it should also fit into your overall strategy for social media marketing.

You must clearly define your objectives before starting any marketing effort. Finding your goals at the beginning of a campaign makes quantifying and examining your results easier.

Adobe Spark can be quite useful - it has some tools for this. If you are a Creative Cloud user.

If not - you can use sites like this which make resizing for different platforms a cinch - then you just need to add the branding/message to each background/design you have designed.

I can’t put links in my post yet so it’s the below without spaces:
https :// sproutsocial . com / landscape /

It should give you all the assets for the platforms you choose - which is handy and takes out the errors/hassle of finding out each one individually.

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