Designing in Powerpoint

I have a client who needs all their collateral to be editable powerpoint files. I have very little experience with powerpoint. It is so clunky and and non-efficient, but I have to use it.

Mainly, they want it to be like a style guide, with everything set up so anyone in their company can do it.

They want to be able to open up a new table or something and have it be in their colors with their fonts.

Is this something that can be done in master slides?

Does anyone have a good resource for a solid crash course in powerpoint?

thanks in advance

First, vomit into a local trash can (assuming you’re not still at the client meeting)
If you haven’t been drinking. Drink first.

Then, ugh, maybe considering designing a visually stunning background (or backgrounds) in Photoshop (Powerpoint isn’t going to print well anyway) and then do a simple, client adjustable, power point workflow on top. Let’s face it, no one knows how to use powerpoint, but i’m sure you can figure out basic clickables, slide overs, and other cheesy powerpoint items. This, coupled with your killer backgrounds, graphs and carts with statistics, and a decent layout - I think you’re golden.



I guess there are a lot of tutorials andlessons, try Youtube maybe

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