Designing With Adobe Xd Series

I’ve started a series on Youtube called Design Weekly, where I upload twice a week; video tutorials on web design, UI Design and design in general in Adobe Xd. Here are some of my videos :point_down:

Welcome to the forum.

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thanks for sharing
i was just searching for a way to export code from xd
does it export the animations too?

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Unfortunately, Adobe Xd doesn’t export animations since it doesn’t export in JS just yet. But the entire base is set up for you.

What is the purpose of the animations if they can’t be exported to a useable format, or am I missing something important?

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Prototyping is meant to showcase animations and micro interactions. These animations can then be handed off to developers to replicate. You can often replicate these in After effects and export for web.

Sounds like a duplication of effort. Why wouldn’t you prototype directly in After effects and continue on directly from the work already done?
Time is money.

Try this:
It is more comfortable than Adobe

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