Difference between photoshop and illustrator

I always design using photoshop and coreldraw and never used illustrator and indesign. are these 2 software illustrator and indesign are better than photoshop and coreldraw. can I learn them throuh you tube? I am quiet efficient in photoshop and coreldraw.

Photoshop is for image editing (though it does have smart object vector capabilities). Illustrator, as the name suggests, is a vector illustration programme, though it is also good for posters, flyers, etc. Ie, single page print items. If you are doing anything multi-page, Indesign is the way to go. Designing everything thing in photoshop and Corel draw, is not the way to do things. How on Earth would you produce a 64page brochure in photoshop?

thanks for the information. by the way I will design 64 pages brochure in coreldraw as I mentioned I use both softwares and I produced 340 pages book in coreldraw.

That may be so, but the Industry standard is InDesign. Every publisher I work with expects delivery only in InDesign. Corel Draw just wouldn’t cut it.

Okay…I will also try to work in Indesign

Corel draw has always been sort of a niche thing. I’ve never used it, nor do I personally know any graphic designers who do. As Sprout mentioned, the Adobe Suite is the standard with some designers using the equivalent Affinity products. If you’ve had good luck with Corel in your situation, there might not be a compelling reason to switch. Even so, I’d still recommend checking out InDesign for multi-page documents.

Thanks for suggestions. Actually I have been working with corel since last 15 years and now it is quite easy for me to create multiple pages. But I want to work on indesign too. If it suits me i will switch

Over the years, I have used Illustrator and InDesign far more (85%) than Photoshop (which I have used the other 15% primarily for image adjustments). Photoshop is mostly for pixelated images, and in my opinion, does a barely acceptable job with vectors.

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