Difference in Preview after rob to cmyk


Can anyone explain to me , why the photo has differences after converting to Cmyk?
(Left Cmyk, Right Rgb)
When I open the photos in Photoshop they are the same. But how they will be printed ? As I see them in photoshop or as I see them in preview…?

You will see them with whatever profile is applied to them by the printer… and what they look like on paper may not even be close to your monitor unless you’re calibrated. Preview is dumber software than Photoshop, as long as you are profiled correctly on conversion.

Not much help huh?
I’d go with Photoshop. I stopped using Preview a loooooong time ago.

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How they will look printed depends as much on the paper as anything else. Your two examples could well be the same file printed on uncoated / coated stock.

Having said that, if it’s going to be printed you should be supplying a CMYK file. you could bump up the curve a little, but be careful with that. Your monitor is not a good guide to the finished product. The only way to be sure is to get a printed proof.

A better bet would be to get the profile or job options from the printer if possible. It’s not always possible.

First, to answer your initial question, the two images will appear differently after converting to CMYK because the RGB color space, or gamut, is significantly larger than the CMYK color space. Colors in the photo that exist inside the RGB space, but fall outside the CMYK gamut will need to be brought inside the space to complete the conversion.

How colors are brought into the space is determined by Rendering Intent. If you’d like an explanation of this process, I’d be happy to explain.

In the end, like PrintDriver recommends, reach out to the printer, and see how they would like you to send the images.

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