Different colors in brand manual

Hello. I am currently 3D artist but my friend asked me if I could do flyer for his brand. He sent me brand guidelines and color scheme but I am a lil bit confused. The main color is lil bit different than color in brand guidelines, logotype and whole pdf. I thought my color scheme is messed up but I tried exact same HEX code/RGB values in other different software like Figma, Photoshop etc. I would like to know if I am making some mistake or the color values are really totally different. As you can see, on first image are color values, on second there is small rectangle which contains color of logotype and whole pdf.
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Save your document in RGB using the RGB color values and you should be fine.

Im sorry, i did forget to mention that this is going to be only for web. Like “online magazine”.

@sprout , thanks. Yes that is true, but if NOT for print and just for online, then yes, RGB is the way.

Its like, i have whole document in RGB mode, but those colors are just different.

Keep in mind, that your monitor will display colors differently than what is called out, this is normal, but as long as your values match , you should be good.

The HEX and RGB values you listed produce exactly the same color in Adobe Illustrator. What software are you using that displays them differently?

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The image’s RGB/Hex match in photoshop, like they do in the image you posted above.

I took a screenshot in Chrome and pasted in photoshop, this screenshot below shows the color sampler pointing at the image’s green, note the RGB values in the info panel are only off a teeny tiny bit:

Also worth noting that the CMYK is pretty close as well, but the “!” indicates out of gamut for the working space (I think)

And here’s the sampler pointing at the other green rectangle. Note the RGB’s are quite a bit different, as indicated by the color difference:

I wouldn’t worry over much about the color of other assets appearing different. If the specs provided say “do this” then that’s what you do and supply in the deliverable, even if other supplied assets seem to disagree.

A note on your last screenshot, don’t sweat the CMYK values, since you aren’t doing print work. These will be a mis-match if your client’s branding people are using a different CMYK working color space than your software it setup to use:

For the most part, sRGB is going to be common enough that the RGB numbers supplied to you are probably good enough, but in the word of big prints / big brands, a mis-matching RGB working space between client and customer can screw those numbers up too.

This is why I hate getting device-dependent color specs for brand colors. Not enough people in marketing/branding understand color management.

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Designing a flyer for a friend’s brand is cool. Sometimes, colors can look different in various software. Stick to the HEX code/RCB values from the brand guidelines. Is it still looks off, chat with your friend for clarity. Good luck with the design.

Not enough graphic designers too.

I didn’t mention that, given the focus of the forum. Didn’t want to offend, you know.

If the truth offends, so be it.