Different Ways to incorporate 17 colors which can be used as a theme

Need some ideas to design a branding theme

Well, to get help with something:

  1. You’ll have to be a lot more specific. Branding? 17 colors? A coherent maximum would be closer to 3.
  2. You’ll have to show that you’ve put work in. Post something to get reaction and feedback. If you’re only at the need-ideas stage, the membership here won’t give up much in the way of free product. Ideas are what we (and you) get paid for, and much like legal or medical advice, real-world stuff costs $.

Look up branding guides and see how they use primary and secondary and complimentary colors.
17 is too many.

The only time I see much over 12 is when doing an entire historical exhibit project that spans several decades and travels through many rooms in a museum. Each decade may have a theme, but the entire building has an over-arching cohesive color palette.

I once did a project that had 26 Pantone matches. But the only place all 26 were used was on the test prints. The actual exhibit panels only use 3 primary and 2 secondary (and possibly tints - not opacities - but we won’t go there.)

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Thanks for the reply. In particular I am looking for branding themes for the organisation

Thanks for the reply. In particular, I am looking for branding themes for the organization which generally has a logo.

If you are a student, and this is a project, please post the instructions given to you by your teacher.

There is no such instructions i have received, but the assigned task is to make a branding theme.

Search for brand guidelines

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Is it too late to drop the class? If the instructions for the entire assignment consist of “make a branding theme” or “use 17 colors,” you’re taking a class from an inept instructor.

There’s not enough information here to provide any useful feedback beyond what you’ve already received. Brand development is something that always takes place within the tight parameters of the problem, which involves knowing the company, its budget, its customers, its goals, its competitors, its products, its challenges, etc. If you haven’t received any kind of creative brief beyond “make a branding theme,” again, drop the class, look for a new instructor and, if possible, get your money back from the class.


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