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I was hired to ‘re-_emphasized text_design’ a few restaurant menus for a local country club. A high end fancy golf course that also holds weddings, graduation, prom, all sorts of banquets… ect.

The current menus are nothing what they had originally asked for from the previous designer.
There is about 30 separate pages currently they use for all the menus … lunch, drinks, breakfast, events … ect.
I have a graphic design degree.

Does anyone have advice on pricing this type of work?

Do you have a detailed, written, specific design brief?

What does this mean?

Looks like they were trying to format the word re-design and it didn’t go as planned :wink:

D’oh! :blush:
Thanks Miss RKK

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How long it will take you X your hourly rate = $$$

Loganjokisch, how to go about figuring how much to charge is a good question, but we could almost cut and paste PrintDriver’s answer each time this question gets asked.

If you’re looking for the going rates for graphic design services, that really differs a whole lot between one location and the next. There’s also a huge difference between what a freelancer might charge and what an established agency might charge.

After lots of experience, you might come up with fixed prices or rates for various things, but when running across a new job, like you’ve described, the best answer really is to estimate how long it will take to do the job then multiply it by how much you need to make per hour to make it worth your while.

I work out roughly how long each page will take and then multiply that by my hourly rate.

Even though it is digital, I think it’s always a good idea to design in case the pieces might be printed. Menus definitely get printed from time to time.

Since they had one designer already and didn’t like the work, they are going to be very hands on (probably). So I would quote a good hourly and keep very good track of your hours. Give them an itemized and thorough receipt.

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